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Men's Premium Shoe Repair & Luxury Shoe Restoration Services

Have your shoes lost their shine? Do your suedes or trainers need cleaning? Has your favorite and most expensive pair of loafers broken? Does your shoe need alterations like fixing the strap size or something? Does your boot need calf or shaft alteration? Do you want your shoe's logo to be removed? Does your everyday sandal need a rubber sole, a zip replacement, and installation? Do you need new hardware alterations in your boots, shoes, or running shoes? Has your shoe stretched a bit too much, and do you want its shape to go back to how it was earlier? Have you encountered stains on your trainers and want them cleaned by a trainer cleaning service? Or has your favorite pair of pumps lost their color dye? 

If you have answered one, two, or most of these questions with a shoe restoration and repair in mind, we will do it all for you! Instead of going to a shoe cobbler or a shoe tailor, we will pick up your shoes, repair them, get them looking as good as new, and then deliver them back to you. If you aren't local, no problem!



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